Club History

the club objectives have always been to cater for all land Rover owners giving support not only to them but providing for all interests within the realms of Land Rover ownership. To provide a social side that gets all the family involved from the youngest to the most senior of members.

The History of the "South Coast Land Rover Owners Club" In 2003/2004 the "South Coast Land Rover Owners Club" was formed, rising out of the ashes of a local section of a national one type Land Rover club. It was at a meeting to decide which way we should go that the immortal words were spoken I believe by member Nick Main that we should go it alone and form our own club.

Over the past years the club has gone from strength to strength with the club not only joining G.L.A.S.S. to help with conserving out rights of way but also joining the A.L.R.C. (formerly the A.R.C.).

The club when formed was to cater for ALL Land Rover owners with this still being a main objective of the club. Along with this objective to cater for all land Rover owners the need to satisfy all the family member, from the very beginning the ladies of all ages were given the name of the "Roverettes" with their own clothing and their own motto "Have wine will travel", membership by the ladies is of course voluntary but give them retail facilities and a few glasses of wine most of the ladies are happy to let the men alone to their Land Rovers.

A new item for members is for the children to have their own section with its own membership card designed by one of the juniors (well done Aiden) and at all the events we attend they are normally found a job(under supervision) to make them feel part of the club.

The club not only attends shows throughout the county but Land Rover events at Gaydon, London to Brighton run, U.K. Rhino Charge and the Land Rover Monthly show. At some of the county shows the club organises and run a Off Road course taking the members of the general public around with two local hospices benefitting from the proceeds.

Charities to benefit from the club include "Breast Cancer" and our main charity "The Sussex Air Ambulance" which has benefitted over the years to nearly 3,000.00 , this monies is raised by collecting tins at events and the clubs road run "Coast into the Country" which starts at the historic Shoreham Airport and finish at a place of interest within Sussex, this airport is also where the club assists in the smooth running of the yearly airshow organised by the "Royal Air Forces Association".

The club is not all about working for charity with regular green lane outings, visits to pay and play sites, weekends away camping, regular monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month at the "Mile Oak" public house in Portslade and most importantly helping each other to maintain our vehicles.

The club and it committee is always looking at ways to not only provide something new for the membership but what it can do for others especially looking at the way others look at not just us but all Land Rover owners.

With membership coming from all walks of life these members bring many different skills which they may be only to pleased to pass on to the other members and at times non Land Rover owners.